Once the academic enrollment in the EDPIF is validated (see Recruitment), the administrative registration, which must be renewed annually, should proceed. Administrative enrollment is accompanied by registration fees, set annually by a ministerial decree, currently around €380, and by "Contribution de Vie Etudiante et de Campus" (95  € for the academic year 2022-2023). When the fees are paid, the student will obtain his/her student card and registration certificates. The precise details are indicated by institution in the pages referenced bellow.

Where to register?

So that the balance between the institutions in terms of enrollments and graduates reflects the human resources (number of CDs, and number of HDRs) invested in the ED, the registration of PhD students must satisfy the following rules:

  1. PhD students receiving a doctoral contract awarded by the ED or by a program specific to any of the affiliated institutions enroll in  that institution, which usually will be their employer.
  2. PhD students receiving funding from the host team or through alternative methods (ENS or Polytechnique students receiving support through specific procedures, foreign student grants, ...), fall under the following rules:

How to enroll?

The procedures according to the institution of enrollment: